Talk about overachievers, this Scottish girl has everyone’s attention and she’s still in grade school. Nine year old Martha Payne has a blogged called NeverSeconds, this is where she documents her school lunches.

Martha became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter Friday after she posted on Thursday that the local Argyll and Bute Council banned her from publishing photos of her school lunches on her blog. The council then detracted the ban and allowed her to continue blogging after social media outlets made a lot of noise criticizing the ban.

In a report lawyer Charles Swan, an expert on photography law, questions the council’s right to ban photos in the first place.

Swan told Amateur Photographer: ‘I imagine its decision could be challenged legally under Human Rights legislation as an interference with the girl’s right to freedom of speech.’

Martha has just blogged that ” We have raised £85,429.63 so far but I am unsure if I should add the Gift Aid at the bottom of the JustGiving page. That means a whole kitchen in Lirangwe Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi (8 seconds I’m getting good at Malawi!) and enough left over to feed another 5800 dinners to other children! Mary’s Meals asked me what I would like to call the kitchen and I said ‘Friends of NeverSeconds’ because if it was just me I would never have managed to raise enough but now we have!”

Martha and her generation are achieving pretty impressive achievements!

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