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If  I were a paparazzi, I would have made a lot money by now, considering how many celebrities I’ve unknowingly bumped into for the past couple of years. I live in Southern California and you’d think that these encounters naturally occurred in shopping malls, hip clubs or fancy restaurants. But actually, it didn’t occur in any of those places. It was usually at the LAX airport, at the departure area, to be exact. One time I was so busy getting bored out of my mind while waiting at the long check-in line (so long that they had the line stretched beyond the entrance doors, good thing it wasn’t chilly outside at that time), that I didn’t notice a man that seemed to have popped out of nowhere and was standing maybe just 3 feet away from me. He seemed to be waiting for his ride and I thought to myself, why the heck is this dude waiting for his ride at the DEPARTURE AREA?

A couple of minutes passed by and he was joined by this dark-haired woman whom I assumed was his girlfriend or wife, and she seemed keen to look for their ride as well. Moments after, a black SUV parked right in front of the entrance and the couple started to walk away. And then that’s when it hit me, I know these people. That guy was Matthew McConaughey and that dark-haired lady was his wife, Camila. If only I had a conspicuous little point-and-shoot camera, I would have been able to take a picture of Mr. McConaughey’s…face. I know you were all thinking that I would say his well-sculpted abs but sadly, he could not be shirt-less that day. Maybe that’s why I didn’t recognize him in the first place! It was just one of those days that I end up saying to myself, “I should have brought my camera!”

But my camera was nowhere to be found, my old compact Canon camera was about to retire so I wasn’t too excited to carry it with me like I used to. It was time for a replacement, and it was only fitting that I replaced it with another Canon. This time, I went for the Canon Powershot S100. I chose the S100 because it was perfect for my hectic lifestyle. I purchased mine in matte black (it is also available in silver) and it just looks simple yet sophisticated. I wanted to take great pictures but I wanted to do that without having to lug around a big, heavy DSLR camera. Speaking of DSLR cameras, one of the great features that the S100 has is that it has an option to shoot RAW. \If I ever learn to properly edit photographs, I would like to try shooting pictures in RAW format. Photoshop and I would be best friends and no doubt, I will always have a size 24 waist in my pictures!

What I love about this camera is that it’s built for average consumers just like me. I practically set it in full auto mode most of the time and I start snapping great pictures. There are also camera effects that are fun to play with such as Toy Camera effect, Miniature effect and Super Vivid Effect, just to name a few.

Here are some of the recent snap shots that I took while I was at the park with my dog, Skyler.

I’m nowhere near being a professional photographer but it definitely does not take a genius to figure out the settings, especially if you’ve previously owned a Canon before. Even if you are a first-time Canon buyer, you will find that the S100 is easy to handle as the settings and functions are not cluttered like some of its competitors. Despite being on the compact side of camera’s, Canon packs this “small but terrible” camera with a lot of amazing features such as a DIGIC 5 image processor, which allows sophisticated image processing and noise reduction. Sorry boys, the noise reduction can only be applied to photographs, and not on your nagging girlfriend.

The image sensor is a 12.1 MP CMOS sensor in the 1/1.7” format which allows you to record videos in full HD at 1920×1080 resolution. You know this only means one thing…your enlarged pores are going to show more than ever so it’s time to invest in HD make-up! There is also a built-in GPS unit to help you tag your pictures at the exact location where it was taken. I have to warn you though that the GPS function eats a lot of battery power if it is enabled. So if you don’t need it, it’s best to leave the GPS turned off.

The only downside that I can see about this camera is if you are out and about all day and a little bit on the trigger-happy side, it’s advisable to purchase a back-up battery since this powerful camera drains out the battery quicker than you can say “Facebook primary picture”. ( A fully-charged battery can take last me about up to 200 photos)

Overall, I would personally recommend this camera to people who don’t like to compromise quality for the sake of convenience and price. Now that I have my new Canon S100, you can best believe that I won’t be so forgiving the next time I bump into Matthew McConaughey and let’s keep our fingers crossed that this time, he would be shirt-less.

Life In A Fruit Basket is a witty lifestyle blog that documents the fashionable and charming life of Pears Florido. Visit her blog and enjoy reading about California’s quirky culture, celebrities, relationships, clothes, food, and her dog Skyler.

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