Digital cameras priced between £400 to £499.99


Top Five Best Selling Nikon Cameras

For every Canon fan, there is one that is loyal to Nikon. Most prosumers and passionate photography hobbyists root for Nikon because the brand works better for them.


The Eye Candy of Digital SLRs: Pentax K-x in yummy colours!

Say hello to the cute digital SLR camera, Pentax K-x, now available in 12 colours! You can choose Pentax K-x in new hues such as Beige, Chocolate, Metal Fuchsia, Pink, Metal Turquoise, Metal Dark Grey, Olive Green and Soft Brown. The Pentax K-x already exists in Black, Pearl White, Red and Navy Blue. A total […]


Nikon D50 SLR Camera

Colour and convenience are the key points Nikon d50 digital camera could lay claim to. With its composite outer body, it is relatively lighter than most Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. Photographers can take advantage of this as they may feel more comfortable while shooting, although this may also lead others to question its […]

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