Ricoh digital cameras


Ricoh’s Pride is the GXR A16 Camera System

Ricoh is relying on its latest camera release, the GXR A16, as its money maker.


Ricoh Unveils The GXR Module with 16MP APS-C Sensor

For all those Ricoh camera fans, there’s a newly released 24-85mm equivalent F3.5-5.5 zoom module with a 16MP APS-C sensor for its GXR system. This Ricoh camera has a flexible focal length and has a wider zoom that is part of the kit offered. In spite the extra feature, the Ricoh is still compact in size.


Ricoh GXR Releases Leica M-mount module

Leica users now have a reason for getting a Ricoh GXR camera system.


Pentax Gives More Info Regarding Sale To Ricoh

With Ricoh now owning Pentax, the company will be focusing on interchangeable lens cameras.


Ricoh Releases PX Compact Underwater Camera

Ricoh revealed the first camera in its new compact digital camera series.


Ricoh Announces CX5 Superzoom Hybrid Camera

Ricoh unveils the CX5 compact superzoom with an upgraded sensor.


Ricoh Introduces The CX4

Ricoh launched a new camera; the superzoom CX4.


Ricoh Reveals P10 28-300 Equiv GXR Module

Ricoh launched the P10 28-300mm equivalent F3.5-5.6 VC lens module made for the GXR system. It comes with a ½.3 inch back illuminated CMOS sensor.


Digital Camera Review: A Look Inside Ricoh’s GXR Interchangeable Camera System

Ricoh had this brilliant idea, why just change lenses on digital SLR, when you can change everything (image sensor and image processing engine) with a simple slide and click motion. Ricoh’s GXR interchangeable camera system was born and it’s giving that just-lens-changeable DSLR, a run for its money.


Is The Unique Ricoh GXR Camera The Next Digital SLR?

Everyone’s using a digital SLR these days, even your hermit uncle Thomas carries a Nikon. Are you ready to try a different kind of camera? Ricoh is introducing an unconventional camera design called the Ricoh GXR. It is the World’s first “interchangeable unit camera system”.

Ricoh GXR has a totally different system. The GXR enables you to change lens and image sensor which are combined into a single interchangeable unit. So basically, instead of buying the body and collecting the lens like in digital SLRS, the Ricoh GXR makes you buy the lens which comes with its own sensor, shutter, aperture, processing engine.

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