If you are looking for a retro-styled camera then the Fujifilm X100 may be the perfect camera for you. A lot of photographers, experts and beginners, simply adore this camera. At £625.00 this camera is quiet, has great image quality, and it really cool to handle.

Here’s what’s good about the Fujifil X100


This is dubbed as the tiniest and lightest “real camera” in the market today. In review, the X100 is even loghter thant the LEICA IIIf, Minolta CLE, Contax G and LEICA M cameras. The X100 is only 1.4 oz and amazing it is even lighter than the Canon G11.

One of the best features of this Fujifilm star aside from its size is that it is essentially silent, the electronic leaf shutter making it quiet. It’s a great camera for street photographers who want to capture a scene instead of disrupting your subjects. It is also less introsive, unlike DSLRs which are on people’s faces (literally), the X100 seem innocuous toy camera. If you want to go all out you only have to tape a film-box on the LCD cover and the camera looks like a real 35mm camera. Sounds pretty cool!

It looks retro but it doesnt mean it is not automated, the X100 also records videos at 720/24P HD movies with stereo sound.

The Image Quality

If there is one praise you’ll hear about the X100 is that it has great sensor and it yields great photos. The images are really sharp and are in-focus. You can play with bokeh and it boasts great colors, the exposure is amazing in every light. The highlights are not washed out, there is the perfect balance between shadows and high dynamic range. For portraits the X100 has great skin tone colors and its fill-in flash exposure is superior. The white balance function works everywhere even in the lowest of lighting.

The Fujifilm X100 handles all sorts of mixed and less-than-ideal lighting with ease. Even under awful light, the X100 usually returns great results with just its usual Auto White Balance setting, and no light is too dim for hand-held shooting.

Skin tones are fantastic with the X100, even tan colors are better than those of the Canon and Nikon DSLRS. It’s amazing how the X100 gives bright colors, as well as extremely accurate colors that used to be difficult to reproduce.

It is better than any Nikon or Canon DSLR at balancing fill-flash automatically in any light from daylight to moonlight for natural results. Especially indoors at night, the X100 seamlessly integrates action-stopping flash-fill with enough sensitivity to catch the ambient background light, all without requiring any of the fiddling with settings that my SLRs require to get this to look as good. The X100 just does it! JPG images from the X100 are the sharpest JPGs pixel-by-pixel that I’ve ever seen come from a camera at its highest resolution setting.

The Viewfinder

Similar to real camera, the X100 can be easily adjusted with the turn of the knob. It has two view finders, the electronic view finder which has eye-sensor control and the LCD viewfinder. In reviews the EVF is the better choice to be used and provides more accurate capture. It also uses less battery.

The Lens

One issue about paying for the X100 (which is comparable to a low-end DSLR) is that it has fixed lens. The X100’s lens is fixed, never needing to extend or retract; it’s always ready to shoot. The X100 never locks-up and won’t shoot as DSLRs will if you don’t set them correctly. The X100 always fires if you press the shutter harder in tough situations.

A real DSLR shoots faster than the X100, but oddly I prefer photographing my wiggly kids while out and about with the X100 instead of lugging a DSLR. The X100’s lighter weight more than makes up for its slower response; the X100 is fast enough if you know what you’re doing. The X100 focuses much faster than a real LEICA. You can set the X100 for zone-focus, but you don’t need to because it auto and manual focuses so fast.

The positive about having the fixed lens is that you no longer have to be distracted from buying or carrying other lenses. You can concentrate on your picture and not your camera. Fixed lenses take better pictures.

The Built

The X100 is an all-metal camera, not a plastic toy. If it’s plastic, it’s made to be thrown away. The X100 isn’t. The Fuji X100 is incredible. The more you shoot, as opposed to spend time in front of a computer, the more you’ll appreciate it.


The Fujifilm X100 can be a bit disorganized in controls and the functions are bit wacky even for pro users.


Who Needs an X100

The X100 is the full-time professional photographers’ fun camera.

The Fuji X100 is a perfect carry-everywhere camera, an ideal backup or candid camera for professional wedding shooters (skin tones are marvelous), great for rich people traveling without help, people who already have bigger cameras and men who just like toys.

It’s also oddly handy for real estate agents with its uniquely accurate color rendition, huge dynamic range and easy 120º and 180º panorama modes for interior and exterior shots.

The X100 is much better than any point-and-shoot like the Canon S95 for action and family photos, but no match for a true DSLR.

For whom the X100 is not intended

The Fujifilm X100 is not intended for inexperienced photographers. It has no green AUTO setting or GPS BS, and its menu system will confuse even the best photographers at first.

Any true DSLR like a Nikon D3100 is better for photographing action and moving kids, but bigger. I’d much rather carry the X100 than a small SLR.

If money matters, other cameras are better ideas. A Nikon D5100 costs less, makes images just as good and is far better for action — but it’s bigger. Compared to the X100, the Canon S95 adds a zoom lens, weighs less than half as much, costs one-third as much, and pretty much does the same thing a little slower without a viewfinder, without the great fill-flash and without quite the image quality.

Like a Porsche, no one needs a Fuji X100. The Fuji X100 is a luxury for people who want another nice camera for their collection, or to use once on their next luxury vacation. The X100 is exactly like the LEICA Minilux or Nikon 35Ti in being a nice trinket for people who own other cameras.

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