Micro four Thirds digital camcorders


Panasonic Announces Price Of Micro Four Thirds Video Camera

The price tag for the Panasonic Micro Four Thirds video camera is US$4,995.


Sony Alpha A500 Camera Review

The price is right for the Sony Alpha A500, but it may not have the best feature set.


Sony NEX-VG10 Dominates Prosumer Camcorder

Sony is committed in always surprising the techie freaks and gadget heads. So the Japanese technology icon just upped the game in the prosumer camcorder market with the Sony NEX-VG10, the first interchangeable lens prosumer camcorder.


Panasonic Announces The Micro Four Thirds Camcorder!

Panasonic announced it will add a new member to the Micro Four Thirds camera system, welcome the Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camcorder. Micro Four Thirds is really proving to be the most promising camera system of the future.


Digital Camera Review: A Look Inside Ricoh’s GXR Interchangeable Camera System

Ricoh had this brilliant idea, why just change lenses on digital SLR, when you can change everything (image sensor and image processing engine) with a simple slide and click motion. Ricoh’s GXR interchangeable camera system was born and it’s giving that just-lens-changeable DSLR, a run for its money.

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