3M Portable Projector3M, the innovative technology company, has created the MPro150 a portable projector that could enhance your business. Dubbed as the ‘Ultimate personal electronics device for the business professional’, 3M MPro150 is a light weight portable projector that can display your images up to 50-inches at 15 lumens brightness. The lightweight MPro150 is just over 5 inches long and weighs a mere 5.6 ounces.

The 3M MPro150 is ideal for people in industries where client presentation is a vital factor for business. Advertising executives, sales people, real estate brokers, professional photographers, the list goes on.

The portable projector is given a US$395 price tag by 3M and it comes with a 1GB internal memory, a micro SD card slot and a USB input for transferring files from a laptop or netbook.  The 3M MPro150 also has an integrated MP3 player and integrated stereo speakers so you can project, say, you photo reel enhanced with music.

MPro150 supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Adobe’s PDF, and photos and video.

“The 3M MPro150 puts an entire suite of presentation tools into the business professional’s pocket,” said 3M’s Mark Colin. “With no need to pack a separate laptop or projector, business professionals can travel a bit lighter. It’s great for use at home and on-the-go, as well.”

For those who are looking for a casual consumer electronics accessory for watching movies, sharing photos or projecting video games up to 50 inches, 3M also offers the MPro120 projector, which has an estimated price of $325. Optional accessories for both the MPro150 and MPro120 are sold separately.

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